Tackle Craft, Knots & Last Thoughts

I can't begin to put a price on the joys and the memories I have derived from my life-long love of sport fishing and, especially, from my passion for carp. In all honesty, my deep sense of gratitude is the inspiration for this book.

Hence, it would be easy to load this last chapter with nostalgia and stray from my earlier promise to keep things pragmatic and utilitarian. But I will honor my commitment — and leave you with some final ruminations on carp fishing that chew down to a useful medley of Tackle Craft, Knots and just a few heartfelt Last Thoughts.

If you are moved to do nothing else after poking through these pages, there is one thing I hope you will do as often as you can — take a kid carp fishing! You will both have incredible fun and the experience could change that child's life forever.