When the carp are 'on' and feeding aggressively, a heavy bolt-rig is often all it takes to put a big bend in your rod and a big smile on your face. But sometimes carp won't hook themselves on bolt-rigs.

It might be that the fish are wary due to clear or shallow water. Or they may be unwilling to pick up and run off with a bait due to cold conditions that have slowed their metabolism. At times like these, a finesse ledgering tactic called quiver-tipping can save the day.

Quiver-tipping is one of my favourite ways to fish for carp as it uses long limber rods and light tackle and adds a degree of angler interaction often needed to fool spooky or inactive fish under tough conditions.

This chapter looks at quiver-tip equipment and tactics — and four terminal rig options to help you tailor your presentations to the whims of the fish and the venue.