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Doug Stange

Editor In Chief, In-Fisherman

"The title might be Carp Fishing In Canada, but I think this is the best book published about carp fishing in North America in recent years. It's straightforward enough for beginning anglers, but offers a plethora of tips and tricks for advanced anglers as well. It's comprehensive coverage of every aspect of the sport. Job well done!"

Gord Pyzer

Fishing Editor, Outdoor Canada

"Get a copy of Carp Fishing In Canada. It's quite simply the best fishing-related book I've had the pleasure of reviewing in many, many years. The way it is laid out with the headings, short punchy instruction and the use of so many quality and pertinent photos is brilliant!"

Lonnie King

Field Editor, Ontario Out Of Doors

"Unquestionably the most in-depth book on the subject I've ever read. It will be referred to by many as the carp fisherman's Bible in Canada and beyond. It's jam packed with expert angling knowledge and beautifully illustrated with photos of big carp and countless gadgets for catching this overlooked 'coarse' fish."