A sport enthusiast's guide to: Understanding, appreciating and pursuing this exciting, powerful species — from season to season. Gear, baits and presentations to catch carp in Canada in rivers, creeks and ponds to the mighty Great Lakes. INCLUDING advanced bottom-ledgering and float-fishing tactics that completely change the rules of the game!

10-POUND COMMON CARP can burn off 40 yards of line on its
first run like a rocketing Bimini bonefish. Put a buff 20-pounder
in the same scenario and it's more like being tied to a freight-training
king salmon! With the right tackle and tactics, carp can be caught
in a range of conditions right across Canada including on light gear
in clear-water lakes and streams for steelhead-caliber sport action
virtually all season long.

This book showcases this opportunity –
and celebrates the fact
that nowhere on earth
offers more diverse or
magnificent habitats in
which to catch carp than
here in our rugged upper
half of North America.

Author TONY BENHAM is an avid multi-species sport angler and tackle fanatic with a deep passion for carp; he is a writer and photographer based in Ontario.

Tips contributor FRITZ VATTER is an enthusiastic, world-class match angler who specializes in shore-fishing with Euro tactics for carp and many other sport species.