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Whether you are just getting into the sport of carp angling or you
are a seasoned multi-species angler who has already caught carp fever, Carp Fishing In Canada is for you!

Loaded with interesting content and nearly 900 full-colour images, it's both an enjoyable read and the perfect step-by-step guide to understanding and catching this exciting, powerful sport species.

The book features stitched and glued binding, high-gloss laminated covers and thick matte page stock … making it a durable and highly convenient
9" x 6" carp-fishing companion that will fit easily into your backpack, briefcase or tackle box!

About the Book

Calling Young Anglers

Fishing for carp is your chance to experience world-class game fish action on simple baits and tackle just a bike ride from your front door.

Plus, carp fishing can make you a better all-round angler from learning to tie solid knots and read water … to setting up hooks, floats and sinkers … and fighting big, fast, powerful fish on light line.

Carp Fishing in Canada is your guide to the gear, baits and presentations you can use to catch carp in rivers, creeks, ponds and even the mighty Great Lakes!

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Benham, Tony, 1962-
Carp fishing in Canada : a sport enthusiast's perspective /
Tony Benham ; with Fritz Vatter.

Includes index.
ISBN 978-0-9876721-0-0

1. Carp fishing – Canada. I. Vatter, Fritz, 1966- II. Title.
SH691.C3B46 2011 799.17'483 C2011-904900-7

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Author TONY BENHAM is an avid multi-species sport angler and tackle fanatic with a deep passion for carp; he is a writer and photographer based in Ontario.

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Tips Contributor FRITZ VATTER is an enthusiastic, world-class match angler who specializes in shore-fishing with Euro tactics for carp and many other sport species.

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